A hotel with heritage.

One of the oldest hotels in Llandudno still standing to this day with its original Victorian architecture style, the Alexandra stands proudly in the heart of Llandudno. While the interior of the hotel has been renovated over the past century as technology has improved, the Alexandra's roots dates as far back as the 19th Century.

The Alexandra Hotel

The Alexandra Hotel is a historic building located in the seaside town of Llandudno in North Wales. It was first constructed in 1865 and was originally known as the Marine Hotel. The building was designed by architect Owen Williams and built in a Victorian Gothic style.
In 1891, the hotel was renamed the Alexandra Hotel after Queen Alexandra, the wife of King Edward VII. The hotel was a popular destination for wealthy tourists during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, thanks to its prime location overlooking the Llandudno Bay.
During World War II, the hotel was used as a base for the Women's Royal Naval Service, and was later converted into a convalescent home for injured soldiers. After the war, the hotel was returned to its former use as a luxury hotel.
Throughout the 20th century, the Alexandra Hotel continued to attract visitors from all over the world. It was particularly popular with holidaymakers from Liverpool and Manchester, who would come to Llandudno to escape the hustle and bustle of city life.

Due to a decline in business during the 1980s & 1990s with the owners at the time putting more of a focus on the social bar area on the ground floor, neglecting the hotel aspect, it went out of business. Such a stunning building was left vacant for several years as a result. Several proprietors have all tried their hand at restoring the Alexandra, but each failed in their attempts.

In 2013, the Alexandra Hotel caught fire on the upper levels of the hotel which caused significant damage to the building, and all seemed nearly lost for the hotel - and yet, the Alexandra endured, continuing to stand tall.

The Alexandra has had various proprietors over the years, though in 2018 the hotel was taken over by Samuel Quigley & his family, who has since fully renovated the interior of the building, from the bar & restaurant to the rooms, while sticking true to the building's historical roots as a Grade II listed building. The Quigley Family continue to run the hotel to this day.

In present times, despite the challenges faced, the Alexandra Hotel is one of the most iconic landmarks in Llandudno, and is still renowned for its stunning views of the bay and its Victorian charm., and has transformed its reputation into being a top destination for families to stay.
In recent years, the hotel has also become known for its sustainability efforts.

We have since implemented a range of eco-friendly initiatives, including energy-efficient lighting and heating systems, and the use of locally-sourced produce in our restaurant.

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